Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Toadsmoor Valley Haiku

The following haiku are based around our 12th Night walk and the traditions of turning the world upside down on that day. Commoners became aristocrats, lords and ladies, for one short, if lengthening, day. We maintained that continuity by locating bedraggled, forgotten, unnamed springs in the Toadsmoor Valley and ennobling them with democratically chosen appellations. Pictures, other writings, video and audio recordings will eventually be posted on the website that accompanies this blog at www.radicalstroud.org.uk
Next walk is on Sunday March 10th when we meet outside the Albert at 11.15 to recce, record and re-imagine the springs of urban Stroud and its Edgelands.

Gurgling springs and spouts,
Ragged mists and shrouded trees:
The Toadsmoor Valley.

Listen in the woods,
A concerto of water:
Music of the spheres.

Mythopoeic worlds,
Soft, elemental, magic:
Heaven kisses Earth.

Earth returns the kiss,
With a muddied, moist, embrace:
Oozing, trickling, springs.

Anonymous springs,
Ignored genius loci:
Ennobled with names.

‘Bella’,’ Noah’, ‘Bob’,
‘Holly’, ‘Ash’, ‘Forget-Me-Not’,
‘Voles’ Spout ‘ forever.

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