Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Sainsbury's Advertisment

It's a bit Herbert Marcuse,
A bit One Dimensional Man:
A unification of opposites,
A harmonisation of contradictions,
Where liberal-democratic capitalism
Gives that tantalising illusion of freedom,
Whilst simultaneously appropriating opposition.
It's Gramsci's cultural hegemony,
It's Sainsbury's Christmas advertisement:
A celebration of an unofficial truce,
With unauthorised fraternisation,
And near mutiny,
Held up as a paragon of virtue,
In a sanitised World War One
(Where is that queer, sardonic rat?),
With the fetishisation of confection and money,
And where disobedience and mutinous self-expression
Have been gently press ganged into the national service
Of conformism, consumerism, capitalism and consumption.
Not so much 1914 - 2014, as 1984:
Orwellian double-speak,
Post-modernist history,
21st century store wars.

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