Thursday, 22 October 2015

Bath Slavery Trail: 2nd walk, Nov 1st.

A message from Richard White:
'Greetings walkers!
I am planning to do the next walk out experiment on Sunday 1 November. Again exploring ideas of enchantment and disenchantment as we walk out of Bath passing the homes of former slave-owners. Continuing to think how these people should be acknowledged today...

The plan is to meet outside 44AD Gallery and then head out past some of the more iconic bits of Bath and out onto the edge of the downs to Beckford Tower, then back down into town following another route.

Beckford’s Tower is one of the more visible sign of the slave trade on Bath's skyline but perhaps we will discover join me and do contribute anything you know that might get us to the mechanics of this enchanted city!

Practicalities: Meet at 10.00 and back about 15.00 … maybe a drink at the Hare and Hounds on the way back?
(Beckford Tower is right near the park and ride so  that provides possibilities for walkers from out of town as well as a bus service back into town if you need an earlier finish...)

Terrain: Its about 5 miles...about a third is walking in town and then we will head out into the country, some uphill stretches and through a wood. I have not recced all of this.

Bring smart phones, recording devices, cameras, sketching etc

Please pass this on and let me know if you plan to join the walk.

Best wishes

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