Tuesday, 3 November 2015

2nd Bath Disenchantment Walk and date for the third

A report from and link to Richard White re the 2nd Bath Disenchantment walk:
'Hi folks
 a quick note to share with you a first draft of a blog entry ... 
I'll tidy up and drop in trails and maps etc for walknowtracks site
Good walk very atmospheric great to walk ... Really interested in any ... thoughts or reflections as walkers or as online networked observers/participants.
For the next one I think to stay in Bath, in the city, testing out a simple intonation of name and numbers outside each address. So that will be on Sunday 6 December meet again 10.00 outside 44AD. Details and call to follow.
I am mindful that this is not about shaming/embarassing/confronting the current occupants of these properties and that I feel strongly about bearing witness to the legacy of slaveownership that is somehow embodied in that property.
Trying to work that out, I am beginning to shape up an idea that might combine a Georgian style caling card, a contemporary visual motif/button, simple performance with walking, geotagging and socialnetworking. 
best wishes

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