Sunday, 3 April 2016

Keeping the Unreal Real: Practical Psychogeography for Stroud

‘Detournement, as in to detour, to hijack, to lead astray, to appropriate … Detournement sifts through the material remnants of past and present culture for materials whose untimeliness can be utilized against bourgeois culture …’
 (Mackenzie Wark)

So, Detournement: multimedia responses to the Derivee process of losing oneself in place and time through the discovery of multiple meanings of place; Psychogeography - imaginative relationships to space and place, looking for the liminal.
Potlatch: the collective production and sharing of creative responses.

A collective rewriting of the official heritage of Stroud …
Collective walking, recording, inventing and writing -
Reworking psychogeography’s urban outlook,
By wandering through both town and five valleys:
“ Imaginative reworking … otherworldly sense of spirit of place,
the unexpected insights and juxtapositions created by aimless drifting, the new ways of experiencing familiar surroundings…”

In and around a mill town in the Cotswolds …

Possible Walks:

1. Any seemingly mediocre, nondescript suburban red brick walk; for example, down Rodborough Hill and into Stroud:

2. A walk along the Slad Brook to its edgelands in Stroud:

3. A Captain Swing walk from the Hog in Horsley:

4. A walk from the workhouse to Stroud cemetery and to the Ale House:

5. A walk from the Woolpack to Bull’s Cross and on to Sheepscombe:

6. A walk from Purgatory to Paradise:

7. A walk across Rodborough Fields to Rodborough Common

8. A walk from the Ram at Woodchester to Selsley Common:

9. A Randwick walk

10. A Painswick walk

11. A WW1 walk:

12. A Reverend Awdry Rodborough walk:

13. A Home guard walk:
Posting and link to follow in the future

14. A Uley Walk:

15. A Slavery Walk:

16. A Brimpsfield walk
Posting and link to follow in the future

17. A Nocturnal walk:

18. A Bike ride:

Future Proposal:
A collective walk and re-imagining of Stroud’s heritage boards

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