Wednesday, 15 June 2016

A Peculiarly English Form of Fascism?

I think we are witnessing a peculiarly English/British form of Fascism -
We have the civilised classical Johnsonian face,
The Govian exhortation to ignore the ‘experts’,
The atavistic appeal to emotion,
Farage and his decent, ordinary people
Fighting without bullets against the multinationals,
For a bright new dawn where tomorrow belongs to him,
Together with: ‘F*** Off, Europe, We’re voting out’,
From some England football fans at the Euros;
Meanwhile, the Daily Mail seems back in the 1930s,
When it supported Oswald Mosley and the Blackshirts;
Once more, it feels as though the toffs
Are mobilising and diverting the masses,
With carefully fostered nationalism
And carefully calibrated xenophobia;
We have seen how dragon’s teeth have been sown
For over a generation by Conservatives, New Labour,
Liberal Democrats and a relentlessly right wing press:
Now the vilification of ‘socialism’ brings its harvest of hatred:
If the working class has been informed that it mustn’t vote socialist,
Then it votes nationalist and Brexit:

So much for the Third Way.

 What next?

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