Monday, 14 September 2015

#RefugeesWelcome EFL @RefugeesEFL

You can see what’s going on!
Don’t look the other way!
You know the history of migration and colonialism!
Remember when Prince Rupert sailed to Barbados,
To keep the islands Royalist after his defeat at Bristol -
A determined proponent of the Royal African Company,
He preposterously laid claim to the entire African Atlantic coast:
‘All the singular Ports, Harbours, Creeks, Islands lakes and places’;
You might say he started it.

So give these refugees a refuge,
And don't spit out the word "refugee"

Like it's a swear word or an expletive,
Remember where the word comes from -
From the word, "refuge":
A soft and welcoming word,
Like haven or sanctuary.
And don't prefix "asylum-seekers"

With the word "bogus":
Instead help those who want sanctuary

Reach the home team's dressing room,
For there is no security in the visitors' temporary dressing-room:
It's crowded, overwhelming and threatening.

So, come on ref,
Give these refugees a refuge,
And well done everyone for raising your banners aloft
Last Saturday – but let’s keep it going.’

#RefugeesWelcome EFL @RefugeesEFL

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