Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Shiraz Akoo’s Post-Redemption Exhibition at the Pink Cabbage: Alison Woodgate Saves the Year

You thought Redemption was good?
Well, you aint seen nothing yet.

Akoo’s new exhibition is not to be missed:
He is, quite simply, and quite brilliantly, curating an empty space.

There is absolutely nothing there.


Denoting nothing?

Or, denoting everything?

Is there an enigma wrapped within a pink cabbage’s conundrum,
Or is there simply an empty space?

I think Akoo is pointing to the incompatibility of logic and lexis:
This empty space hints at infinity of possible creation:
Nothing is everything.

Conventional exhibitions of objects and art denote creation –
And those very acts of creation contain within themselves
The destruction of infinite possibility:
The angel within the marble turns out to be Lucifer:
To create is to destroy.

But, to reiterate, to curate an empty space is to …
Signpost the incompatibility of logic and lexis -
Akoo provides another subtle twist on this theme
By keeping the shop door locked,
Even though there is a sign saying,

Culture vultures have to press their noses against the shop window,
Whilst Akoo silently announces:

But wait, all is not lost: Paradise is regained -
Here come Rob and Alison Woodgate,
With Indian summer, golden autumn and Christmas cheer:
So make your way to the Pink Cabbage,
For creative shopping,
For the last few months of the year.

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