Monday, 4 January 2016

Bath Disenchantment Walk

A message from Richard White:

Hi folks,
Here's an instant write up of the walk on Sunday. Thankyou to the intrepid Kathryn for joining me if only for part of the got worse but then it got better!
This is an open project, I am really keen to develop it further looking for some points to stop and think about walking out of necessity, poverty, dreams, memorialising and enchantment/disenchantment.  I hope we can develop this together, share thoughts, ideas and would be good to weave into this stories of individuals, families etc. In this walk I want to draw attention to the Bath Union Workhouse burial ground...seems wrong to me that all those people, all those lives, are not memorialised in some way in a city where the great and the 'good' are so well memorialised however short their stay! I am indebted to John Payne for helping get this started....check out his contribution on the burial ground to the Honouring Esther walk in Somerset here
The plan is to come back to this later in the year and I hope you will join me then.
Meantime its full on for our  Forced Walks:Honouring Esther project in February, if you are thinking of taking part on foot it is time to get organised!
If you would like to join in online you will be able to do so via facebook and twitter I will email an update on that. If you would like to find out more and join the conversation come along to the session at 44AD on Sunday 17 Jan at 16.00. More details here
best wishes

Richard White
mob: 07717012790

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