Thursday, 14 January 2016

Forced Walks and Holocaust Day

A message from Richard White:
Greetings walkers...I thought you might be interested in this update on the Honouring Esther project I am doing with Lorna Brunstein....repatriating memory, renewing stories, generating resonances.
Our project to complete the Forced Walk: Honouring Esther is now in good shape for the walk in Germany on 4 and 5 February. We will walk the actual route of the death march from the site of the slave labour camp to the Belsen-Bergen Memorial, stopping as we did in Somerset in April at points along the way to listen to Esther's testimony and other thoughts and sounds. At those points we will share as much as we can of the experience, amplify the resonances via social media, and welcome online interaction with those who want to share it with us. We will gather sounds and images from those moments as we walk the route 71 years to the day that Esther did.
More detail on the web site here
If you are thinking of joining us on foot it is time to make your arrangements and please contact us directly.
There will be a further briefing for those wanting to follow online soon.

We have spent a lot of time on logistics and fundraising and now it istime to focus on the art, with that in mind for those of you able  to get to Bath we would like to invite you to an open conversation at
44AD Gallery, Bath on Sunday 17 Jan afternoon 16.00-18.00.
An opportunity to explore the issues and help us reflect on our practice as artists in this context. If you are thinking of joining us on foot, but haven't decided, do come along.  If you are able to make this please RSVP, thanks.
Our networking in Germany is taking off and it looks like we will have some great support and local walkers joining us. It may be that we will meet someone who saw the group of Polish Jewish women leaving the camp called Waldeslust, 71 years ago. In Somerset we had Mayors and it looks like we will be met by the Mayor at Winsen at the end of day 1. This will be a powerful experience, whatever your involvement has been to date, you are making this possible. Join us on foot or online
Best wishes

Richard White
mob: 07717012790

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